Africa IQ Logo Design

Africa IQ is a non-profit public relations platform for Africa. It is the first advocacy for Africa with a mission to drive a positive image of Africa. 

The challenge for this project was to design a logo and identity that expressed positivity and intelligence. Earth Brown is a positive color which conveys a sense of support while Cyan invokes wisdom. The letters “iq” are embedded into the word Africa emphasizing the fact that solutions to addressing Africa’s challenges indeed lie within the continent and tapping into the intelligence of the African people is the key to achieving sustainability.

The Africa IQ logo was chosen by PRINT as one of the 350 best designs in the U.S. in the 2014 Regional Design Annual. The Regional Design Annual, the most respected design annual in the industry, is essential reading for every graphic designer and art director. It serves as a stunning catalog of the most innovative work being done coast to coast in the United States.

We had a daunting task. How do you create an iconic, yet differentiated logo on Africa that isn’t centered on an African map yet embodies the essence of the continent? Then we met Ben, who took complete ownership of the project and was integral during the process. The end product speaks for itself, an inspiring logo that evokes emotions of positivity and a new beginning for Africa
—Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Africa IQ